The Solution To Liquid Waste Stream Solidification

POWER PELLETS is a patented blend of organic, repurposed and "select" Agricultural fibers that have been proportioned and blended with a specific population range of polymers to quickly solidify your water based waste stream for transport and disposal.

POWER PELLETS are an environmentally sound, renewable, sustainable, recycled product that plays an even larger role as the proven and cost effective method of reducing your liquid waste stream volumes. Reduced volumes result in huge savings relating to disposal fees, trucking on the front and back end, site storage and labor/mix-off liability in general.

One super sack of our POWER PELLETS crumbles will quickly solidify up to 1,500 gallons of liquid water based waste. Should the liquid waste stream contain a given level of solids resulting in slurry, a reduced amount of Power Pellet product is needed.

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In an industry where solidification materials typically consist of fly ash, sawdust, kiln dust, quick-lime and wood pellets, the best effective ratio that can be expected here is 1:2. POWER PELLETS is a product that absorbs 5X's its weight quickly and will not leach in transport. 

More than 3 tons of wood pellets is required to manage 1,500 gallons of liquid
1 ton of POWER PELLETS is required to produce the very same result. 
The weight of drying agent needed is now reduced by more than 65%.

Please take a few minutes to consider how this cost savings will affect your bottom line. This product is available in 2,000# super sacks and in bulk by the truckload. Also available in 40# bags for more detailed applications. 

Martlin Distributing is recognized as America's most innovative super absorbent polymer suppliers. Our water absorbent polymers and polymer blends are ideal for a variety of applications, including wastewater treatment sludge disposal. 

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You may also visit the following page to complete our Drying Agent Estimation Form to receive complimentary consultation and liquid waste stream assessment within 48 hours. 

Power Pellets hold U.S. Patent No. 9,662,634.

POWER PELLETS vs High Calcium Lime. The truth is this, HC lime is a stabilization material and is not at all effective for absorption or solidification of liquid waste only adding huge volumes of weight to your cycle cost. Have a look at this short video of how Power Pellets manages more than 5x’s that of the HC Lime (5:1, water to product)while offering none of the following; thermal spike (listen to cup expanding from the heat) and possible combustion hazards, applicator skin & respiratory health concerns and...burning the paint off of everything on site....

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You’ll be amazed at the cycle cost savings associated with using high performance polymer based Power Pellets .

Produced now in 5 eastern states and moving rapidly across the west.

POWER PELLETS vs Miscanthus grass.

Regarding water based waste you can see with this performance demonstration a story is told of how effective Power Pellets is over this and other grass materials. The grass is so dry & fine that it has become hydrophobic and actually resists liquids while our high performance polymer embedded wood pellets easily manage more than 5X’s their weight in water. Ratio here is 5:1 water to product.

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