A water soluble, bio-degradable renewable resource.

With environmental concerns at an all-time high, industrial operations have become more driven than ever before to reduce the impact of ground water contamination, by utilizing products and applications which are "environmentally friendly". At Martlin Distributing, we offer just such a solution. Our Asphalt Melt-Away & Release Agent, is a refined soy based product, combined with a blend of premium surfactants and emulsifiers, providing a proven environmentally sound solution for the asphalt paving industry. 

Asphalt Melt-Away & Release Agent performs double duty; used undiluted or even diluted up to 1:5, it performs very much like D limonene cutting through the toughest buildup in minutes. But, when diluted up to 1:9 or higher, it no longer is detrimental to the "mix" and performs only as a lubricant, providing a cost effective solution for truck beds, paving equipment and drag boxes. 


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