Eco Mega Zorb or E-M-Z is a blend of agricultural fibers specifically designed to absorb and solidification any industrial liquid waste stream including oil spills, fuel spills, drill cuttings and frac flow-back sediment generated by gas and oilfield drilling operations. Compared to other commonly used bulking and drying agents, Eco Mega Zorb (E-M-Z) typically requires much less material be used than others. Materials such as sawdust, kiln dust, wood pellets, Portland cement, bentonite, gypsum and quick lime typically require large volumes of material be used to do this job, resulting in an unnecessary large increases in total waste volumes to be handled and disposed of.

Proudly serving not only the Utica and Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling operations, our Eco Mega Zorb product has become a very popular in the industrial and manufacturing sector as a cost effective replacement to the heavy clay based material commonly used for decades as spill clean-up material. Our E-M-Z product is processed/packaged conveniently in eastern Ohio providing easy access from your facility or well pad location. This material is packaged in super sacks and in smaller 40# bags by the pallet, protected by rain cover and stretch wrap.

Our business is to provide environmental solutions, be it material supply logistics or cost savings mix-off & absorbent materials. We work very hard to see that our clients receive the best possible products available at a cost effective price and in a timely manner.

Our Eco Mega Zorb product is GREEN, renewable, sustainable and repurposed AG byproducts resulting in a reduced carbon footprint while impressively managing the stabilization and solidification of any liquid waste stream.

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